Rights Brother | Sebastian de Souza

Basic Rights sits down with actor and writer Sebastian de Souza to talk about his new book 'Kid: A History of the Future".

"We’re all (always) on our phones, rather than looking up and out into this extraordinary, beautiful world. If you combine this with the devastating effects of climate change, I felt, rather gloomily that there was only one way this would go. We would all eventually live in a virtual reality"

"I thought maybe I would try and tell a story to effect change, in order to encourage people to begin to think about what’s going to happen next, and what things may look like when we are our grandparents' age. That is why I began writing Kid: A History of the Future' and The Offliner Universe"

"I call it open source storytelling and activist fiction, and I hope by trying to combine the two things people will literally begin to write their own futures."

Sold out

Sold out

Sebastian wears pieces from our Core Collection and our foray into loungewear, Basic Nights.

Sebastian's book "Kid: A History of The Future" is available now.